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MarsPhoenix II: Cat on Mars? August 1, 2008

Posted by Sarah in random.
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So while I was browsing the MarsPhoenix webpages for my next post I was very intrigued by the link to the Steve the Cat pages. some items on the page include:

  • pictures of Steve the Cat photoshopped inside a space suit
  • pictures of Steve the Cat in Mission control
  • Steve the Cat looking through the window on board MarsPhoenix, thinking of planting asparagus on Mars

A quote:

Steve the Cat is a normal cat in many respects – he loves to eat, sleep, and chase his toy mouse.  But beneath his calm, cool exterior lurks the wild soul of a frisky feline determined to redefine the cat world with his out-of-this-world perspectives on life, the Universe, and our place in it.  Steve may very well be the next evolutionary step in house cats – Felis Beyondus.

Is this what the success of I Can Haz Cheeseburger has done to us? As a bit of a cat-lover I find the site very entertaining. But is this what we’re doing to get people interested in science now?!

Ah what the heck, I give in… It’s a cat! In a spacesuit!



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