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IPhone mystery illness October 25, 2008

Posted by Sarah in me.
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Since arriving in the US last week my IPhone hasn’t been working properly and it’s really been bugging me. Since a couple of days I’ve figured out what the problem is – but I haven’t heard about it before and I’m sure it’s not supposed to happen.

Essentially the screen goes white and the phone reboots itself – irrespective of whether I’m actually using it at the time. Sometimes I could use it for half an hour before it would reboot, sometimes just 10 seconds. Very annoying!

I tried everything I could think of: a full factory reset, losing my applications, restarting etc all to no avail.

Now I’ve discovered that it works perfectly in airplane mode, i.e. without its phone funcionality but with wifi. So the problem is clearly related to the US mobile phone networks. I’m happy that I can use my phone again, albeit as an iPod touch, but I’m very curious about this problem. Anyone have any similar experiences or ideas?!



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