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New year, new existential crisis January 9, 2009

Posted by Sarah in random.
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I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a while now. I wasn’t sure how the experiment would turn out – but I’m actually enjoying myself on here. Which brings me to the name of my blog. I always intended to change it at some point but never got round to it. But then the folks over on Cosmic Variance came up with a whole list of cool blog names aimed to aspire to a wider audience than just wanting to read about astronomy. I wish I’d had their inspiration 6 months ago:

  • Tycho’s Nose
  • Higher Dimensional Operators
  • Extremize The Action
  • Critical Phenomena
  • The Residue Theorem
  • But No Simpler
  • De Revolutionibus
  • Smooth Tension
  • Ultra Deep Field
  • Outside the Light Cone
  • Primeval Atom
  • Left As An Exercise
  • The Error Bar

… although some of them are a bit too high-brow and poncy for me. I don’t think I’m a Higher Dimensional Operator kind of blogger….. One of their commenters suggests The Naked Singularity – not a bad name either, but I’m not sure I want to attract that kind of audience!

Maybe I should ask other people, like you who read all this stuff on here. Here are some options, what do you think?


1. Andy Lawrence - January 12, 2009

Nearly went for the Clooney thing, but maybe its not healthy to feed your fantasies.

Sarah - January 12, 2009

Absolutely right professor. I had a moment of weakness. I don’t need to be on the arm of the second-sexiest man alive to prove that I am fantastic. I will go to the Oscars alone, bring peace to the Middle East and my blog will stay what it is.

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