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Tell Hubble where to go! January 28, 2009

Posted by Sarah in science.
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Are you fed up with seeing images from the Hubble Space Telescope of objects just just don’t care about? Think it’s all a big scam? Now is the time to speak up, as NASA have opened up Hubble’s observations to democracy. As part of the IYA initiative 100 Hours of Astronomy, you can vote for Hubble’s target of observation until 1 March, from the following objects:

  • Star forming region NGC 6643
  • Planetary nebula NGC 6072
  • Planetary nebula NGC 40
  • Spiral galaxy NGC 5172
  • Edge-on spiral galaxy NGC 4289
  • Interacting galaxies Arp 274

Personally my vote would go to the targets most likely to be very active, i.e. star forming region or the pair of interacting galaxy (I say this without reading anything about the particular objects so forgive me if I’m wrong). But Hubble’s never looked at any of these objects before so the observation is bound to produce a pretty picture, if not some great science. The winning image will be released in early April.

For voting and more background info from the Hubble folks go here.

Posts by Phil and Stu here and here.


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