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Tweeting Arxiv June 9, 2009

Posted by Sarah in astro 2.0, science.
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tweprintsFellow astronomer, blogger and developer Rob (@orbitingfrog) has put together a great new site in recent months that makes the most of two of my favourite places on the web, arxiv and Twitter. Arxiv on Twitter, or Tweprints for short, tracks all tweets about publications listed on arxiv, the online preprint service where many scientists post their new papers in a variety of sciences, including astronomy. Authors often post their work to arxiv before they are officially published by the journals, so it’s an excellent way to disseminate new results to the community more quickly than the time it takes a journal to publish (months sometimes).

The concept is simple: any tweet that contains the word “arxiv” and the abstract identifier will be collected and listed on the site, together with the identity of the tweeter. Both of these items are in the URL of an abstract page, so a simple copy-paste into twitter usually does the job. Tweprint also shows stats on the most popular categories that people are tweeting about, the number of tweets, the most prolific arxiv-tweeters. You can see overall listings, or per subject category.

The number of tweets so far is quite limited considering the volume of work that gets posted to the whole arxiv system. One of the things I really like about it is the joint listing of all arxiv tweets, across the various subjects. I’ve discovered some really interesting work from other categories, like physics in society, history of physics or computer science, that I would never have spotted as I tend to read only the astronomy papers (astro-ph)

Overall the site is another great example of how the web can help bring scientists together and provide a valuable platform for discussion. As the organiser of last year’s .Astronomy meeting in Cardiff and the man behind the OverTwitter feeds, Rob’s interest in this area is well known – and while I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about it, Rob has rolled up his sleeves and actually made stuff happen, which is great.

If you have any ideas, leave me a comment or hop on over to his site and get in touch with him directly. There is also a Tweprints twitter feed you can follow for updates.


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