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… and you can watch the ISS! June 27, 2009

Posted by Sarah in astro 2.0.
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Don’t freak out that the ISS is watching you – just wave back! A new service called Twisst has just been launched on Twitter to send users alerts of ISS passes at their location, based on the location information they have listed on their profile*. ISS twitter feeds already existed of course, from the OverTwitter project, which has twitter feeds for satellite passes over many world cities. An aside to OverTwitter is OverRSS, which allows users to sign up to an RSS feed of satellite passes for any location of your choice. Twisst combines the two by converting the location registered to the Twitter profile to co-ordinates, and automatically sends the alert at the right time for the right place. All you need to do is follow @twisst.

So Twisst is still only useful if you’re actually in the location you’ve given on your profile – travellers who want to receive the alerts wherever they are should update their profile accordingly (a Dopplr/Twitter mashup, any takers?).

Lots of information on the service and the ISS over at the Twisst website. For more info, contact the brains behind Twisst, Dutch journalist Jaap Meijers. Want to learn more about the technicalities behind satellite-spotting? Orbiting Frog tells you how it works.

*at the moment there will be a lot of alerts when the ISS passes over Tehran!


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