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I’m a postdoc in astronomy in the Netherlands, working mainly on infrared instrumentation projects. This blog is about all things that interest me – mostly science, technology, politics, films.

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1. phoenixpics - November 4, 2008

Hi Sarah,

Quick invite to take a look at my blogs…




Great blog you have here!

All the best,


2. Sarah - November 4, 2008

Thanks Stu, I will!

3. Aubrey Blumsohn - May 14, 2009

Hello Sarah

I like the work you are doing here, and particularly your survey about fraud. Thank you also for linking to my blog on your sidebar and elsewhere. I had a few thoughts about misconduct in physics and astronomy, and how/why that differs from misconduct in medicine. It may be helpful (or even publishable) to tease out some of those differences. I couldn’t find an E-mail address on your blog, but if you wish, send me an E-mail.

4. milanonline - September 20, 2011

can you tell more about cosmic rays.I am an absolute newbie!

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