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New home July 16, 2009

Posted by Sarah in me.
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it was a little easier than this
It was a little easier than this

As I announced in my previous post, my blog has now moved to its own domain. The content here will stay up as it is now on the usual pages, but this is all replicated over on the new page. All new stuff will be posted there from now on too (July 2009).

Please update your feed readers and bookmarks.


Image: Tom Turnbull

Onwards and upwards! July 11, 2009

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When I started writing this blog about a year ago I had no idea whether I, let alone anyone else, would enjoy it. But it’s been fabulous.

So I decided to quit my little two-by-two WordPress rental and move to somewhere more upmarket. I put down some cash, signed the papers and picked up the keys to my own domain. In the last few weeks I’ve been pimping the new pad and gradually moving in my stuff. A couple more vanloads and the move will be complete. Consider this, dear visitors, my two weeks’ notice.

Go take a look and please move across your bookmarks and feed reader thingies. Can you tell the difference?! This blog page will continue to exist in its current form, so you can still see old posts, but I’ll replace the front page with one linking to the new address. My twitter feed and tumblelog are still in the usual places.

New year, new existential crisis January 9, 2009

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I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a while now. I wasn’t sure how the experiment would turn out – but I’m actually enjoying myself on here. Which brings me to the name of my blog. I always intended to change it at some point but never got round to it. But then the folks over on Cosmic Variance came up with a whole list of cool blog names aimed to aspire to a wider audience than just wanting to read about astronomy. I wish I’d had their inspiration 6 months ago: (more…)